About Us

Meet the designer, Jasmine Schulte.

Jasmine Schulte (they/them) is an avant-garde knitwear designer originating from a small town in central-Michigan; they are currently based in their Philadelphia studio apartment where they fabricate larger than life, one of a kind pieces of plush wearable art. Specializing in unconventional sculptural silhouettes, they use unique knitting and freeform crochet techniques while utilizing secondhand textiles and repurposed materials to minimize waste and maximize creativity. Schulte makes garments and accessories through an innovative multidisciplinary approach that breaks the boundaries of knitwear while seeking sensory bliss.



Jasmine Schulte is profoundly inspired by nature and the endless cycle of growth and decay it presents.

By taking their own nature photography and reference photos, they've been able to capture texturally grotesque moments of beauty and reflections of memories that continue to inspire their work.


Artistic Purpose

By exploring textiles as an illustrative medium to process grief and cope with the long term physical and psychological effects of PTSD, Schulte finds a sense of belonging in the world through their ability to bring avant-garde concepts to life from their own sketches into completed fabrication.